Travis Benton

Ex-Person. Exploded.


The son of a wealthy merchant and an impovershed Lordling’s daughter, Travis Benton was given over at an early age to be the trained in the Arcane Arts at the Alsforth Academy, specializing in Divination. A more than competant spell-caster, his academic aspirations were cut short when his thesis proved a sham and he was laughed from the Academ.

Headmaster Theodorus Long is quoted as having said “He is a truly gifted Diviner, blinded only by his hubris. He cannot seem to grasp how utterly insignificant he is in the grand scheme of things, and this warps his predictions.”

After his stint at the Academy, Benton turned his attention to government and industry, placing his arcane abilities at the services of those parties interested in accurate predictions of the future. He used the connections thus gained to rise to a position of relative wealth and power.

Benton has mostly retired, turning his attention to his membership within one of the larger Lodge Societies in Alsforth, where he continued his research on his previous thesis, eventually building himself into a great machine which transformed him into a living channel of the Flame of Destiny.

Realizing the possibilities of this, he began assembling a cult around him, promising to raise them all to divinity.

However his efforts were foiled by a group of ragtag adventurers and in dying, he took out a city block.

Travis Benton

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