The God of Time, the Machine God, Guardian of the Flame, God of Clocks
Intermediate God
Divine Symbol:
A Clock
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Time, Destiny, Craftsmen, Inventors, Innovators
Domains: Artifice, Fate*, Knowledge, Law,
Favored Weapon: Heavy repeating crossbow

Alberich was once a gnome born in Vesterland, the portion now known as Ganholm. He left home and joined the Alsforth Academy as young boy, seeking to expand his knowledge. He demonstrated even at an early age an uncanny aptitude for engineering, architecture and planar physics.

As an adult, the Academy commissioned him to build a clocktower that would become iconic to the realm. Obsessed with the notion of making it keep perfect time, Alberich built the clock to attach to the heart of Mechanus itself, and built himself into the machine, a sacrifice to make his impossible machine function.

Having effectively built himself into the very workings of mechanus, Alberich was eventually capable of manipulating the flame of destiny to reforge his soul into the Garden of the Gods. Having gained a truly intimate understanding of the Flame and of the Nature of time itself, Alberich controls the Instrumentalities of Fate and is said to know more of the future than any other god.


Alberich teaches that Destiny is not absolute, but neither is it completely mutable. Certain possible outcomes are all achievable due to the individual efforts of Mortals and Gods alike. Alberich has become obsessed with allowing Mortalkind to reach a specific ‘Glorious Destiny’ which he percieves within the Flame: a technological utopia founded on mechanical precision. Dogma is designed to help accellerate mortality’s motion towards that goal.

To that end, obedience, discipline, innovation and perfectionism are all part of Alberich’s teachings. Punctuality is considered a high virtue. Laziness the greatest of sins.

Temples and Clergy.

Alberich’s temples universally feature clocks and clockwork heavily. The priests therein labor to automate as many of the temple functions (replacing candles, ringing bells) as they possibly can.

His priests usually dress neatly in work clothes, and are identifiable by the watch they wear around their necks.


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