The Elves of Averal one populated the forests of the world. However, during the Fall, they left, ten or twenty at a time, to a magically created continent to the West of the Great Continent. This new land they named Avarda, the Great Forest. Cloaking the continent in Mists, they made it virtually impossible for any human sailor to find.

So it remained for Five hundred years. Then the Archmages of the University of Dal’marag attempted a terrible experiment. No one’s quite sure what they were trying to accomplish. The city ceased to exist. The mysts which kept Avarda were disrupted, creeping inland and leaving the coasts exposed. Worse, terrible creatures and worse crept into the southern forests of Avarda. the singular elven kingdom was destroyed. In its place, two nations emmerged: Avar’taessa, the blessed forest, and Avar’sum, the Dark Forest.

Avar’taessa retained most of the lore, knowledge and civilization of the Old Ways. Avar’sum, plagued by monsters from other planes, was plunged into relative primitivism.

One thousand years later, give or take a century, a group of Ederan explorers landed on the shores of Avar’sum and claimed it in the name of their Queen. The elves they encountered seemed primitive, the land untamed and ripe for the taking. In the spirit of colonialism, they began establishing colonies. It is a testimate to the shattered state of Avarda that Avar’taessa did not find out about this for nearly 100 years. When they did, they were wroth.

Avar’taessa went to war against Edares, smashing their fleet with Elven Spellships. a fleeting but usefull alliance with Aryland taught the Arylish many of the mundane tricks the elves used in their seaborn warfare, setting Aryland up to be the future masters of the wave when Avar’taessa withdrew its ships to a simple perimeter around their precious island and closed their ports to the outside world.


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