The Dark One, The Predator, the Deathstalker
Greater God
Divine Symbol:
A black panther
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Death, Predators, the cruelty of nature
Domains: Animals, Darkness, Death, Plant
Favored Weapon: Teeth and Claws

Kasaran was an elf of Avar’sum of especially dour and cynical nature, bordering on nihilistic in his outlook. Both were brought to the Geisterland and branded with the Mark of Destiny through one of the dimensional rifts which plague their homeland as children. The two spent over a century as inhabitants of the Geistwood, fighting against the undead and other monsterous forces. Kasaran is said to have spoken on the subject, “There is no right or wrong here. I do not do this for the benefit of those who live here. Merely the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of the kill.”

It was said that there were only two things Kasaran loves: His sister Sylviel, and bringing death. Little wonder, then that when Kassaran ascended, he chose the mantel of chief psychopomp, ender of lives, and bringer of death. He is the death of all things, the ever-stalking, ever-patient predator that stalks all mortal-kind. Inexorable and inevitable, he bides his time for the right moment to strike.


Death comes inevitably to everyone. This is fate. It can be delayed, it can be averted for years, centuries, but in strange seasons even Gods may die. This is fate. This is inevitabilty.

Clergy and Priests

Most of Kasaran’s followers are druids. The few small priests that he have have taken to doing an odd practice. They stalk the followers of Jonarian from cite to cite, bringing worshippers of the Dark one to look over the remains of the Grinning Mask. They take those playthings left alive, but broken by the revelers and put them out of their misery, holding service over the recently killed corpse and taking communion in the form of cannibalizing the remains.


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