The Saint of Anger, The Hatemonger, The Fury, Berserker-King, Glad-of-War
Intermediate God
Divine Symbol:
An axe and a flail crossed, dripping blood.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Rage, Hatred, Destruction, Bloodlust, Violence, Orcs
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War
Favored Weapon: Any Axe or Flail

Korak Wroth was, to the general knowledge, the only Orc born with the Mark of Destiny. Nothing is known of his early history, or of his capture by the church. All records were likely destroyed or thoroughly hidden.

Korak was found in a torture cell deep Palace of Law in Ravena, where he was kept under orders from Archbishop Vales Corvo and expirimented on by the Inquisitors. To what end, we may never know, but we do know that the Mark of destiny was literally cut into his face, ruining one eye in the process.

During the Sack of Ravena, Korak escaped his imprisonment and turned into a one-man whirlwind of destruction, his strength and abilities enhanced by divine magics which seemed to be spurred on by his rage. He single-handedly tallied a higher body count than either army involved. His rampage was halted by Saint Moira, who used her own holy magics to force him into pacifism, an act for which he never forgave her. He would spend the remainder of the Ascension wars stalking the future Mother of Mercy. It is said that she is the only being he fears.

Korak likely would not have Ascended if not for his vendetta on the Goddess of Mercy, however the real target for his hatred and anger is the entirety of Human civilization. He would see the world reverted to pure savage anarchy, see the cities burn and dance in their ashes.


There is no written dogma for Korak. No official stance. His teachings are more primal. It is written in blood. His prayers are warcries screamed on the battlefield. Mercy is weakness. All cages must be torn down. Civilization must fall.

Temples and Clergy

Korak has no temples, and few priests. His power is dwindling as the Orcs fall. And yet every bloody conflict strengthens him.


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