New Church of the Heavens

The Church is an organization that venerates the Four Solar Saints, the only four ascendants who were associated with the previous Church of the Heavens.

Its formation and structure were something of an evolution. The Four Saints represent a wide and varying set of viewpoints. Isaac and Ernesto could, under different circumstances, become arch foes.

However eventually a decision was reached.

The Church exists for four facets. First, it is the internal administration for the clergy of the Four Solar Saints, Ernesto, Moira, Jean and Isaac. Second, it provides a universal compact, open to any nation to accept, providing a set of laws and rights for its populace. Third, it provides services to any nation that accepts these rules. Fourth, it provides aid to any nation opposing or group rebelling against a nation that does not abide by those rules.

Compact of Ravena

The Church recognizes any state that complies to the following rules, regulations and principals:

  1. Ensures its entire sentient population has the rights of Life, Liberty, and Property.
  2. Develop and institute a set of greater laws to govern its citizenry.
  3. Ensure that those accused of breaking these laws are tried by the Isaacian justice system.

Those nations recognized by the Church will recieve the following boons

  1. Access to a division of Justiciars appropriate to the size of the nation
  2. Access to the Magistirium and the Counsilium
  3. Access to the Hospitalers
  4. In the event of a war against an unrecognized nation, the aid of the Templars.

New Church of the Heavens

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