Northos Across the Wyrm’s Spine mountains from Oestria is Northos, a cold and relatively uncivilized nation.

Holy Empire of the Northern Rite:

Taking up what was once Druska and Geisterland, the Holy Empire is a Theocratic Empire with two heads vying for power: the Czar of Druska, and the Patriarch of the Northern Rite. They have converted many Vestish tribes to their faith, effectively expanding their Empire.

Vestish Tribes

The dwindling survivors of what was once considered “Vestish Culture,” the Tribes grow fewer by the year. Fighting each other for resources, every misguided raid into the wealthy Coastal Kingdoms leads to a retaliation which expands their territories. With the Veraunti empire cutting into their territory from the south, its little wonder that many tribes have begun submitting to the Holy Empire.

The Coastal Kingdoms

Roaka, Ganholf and Dasfeldt control the fjordal coastline of the Westernmost portion of Vesterland. Long, bitter rivalries exist between the three. Before the Veraunti expansion, Roaka was by far the wealthiest, with a close trading alliance to Aryland. Dasfeldt has recently come into prominence, making alliance with Veraunt to make war on their neighbors. Ganholf remains neutral.


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