Oestria is the most traditionally Europeon portion of Averal. The past two hundred years have seen a rise of democratic and republican ideals along with the an increase in Nationlism. The Mercantilism that predated the Ascension Wars has progressed to Imperialism.

The Consolidated Isles of Grand Prydain:

Aryland, Achtland, Ceran and Leivan, once four kingdoms now united. Its navy is likely the most powerful in the world, rivaled by the Elven spellships of Avar’taesa. Grand Prydain is locked in a pitched war against Veraunt.

The Veraunti Empire:

Consisting of Veraunt, Rykeland, many isles in Meridia, Most of Edares and a growing portion of the Vesterlands, the Empire of Jaque DuVall may be the most powerful nation on Averal.

Free Edares:

Edaran Nationalists, assisted by Arylish forces have managed to keep a portion of their traditional homeland free of DuVall’s grasp. The seat of the New Church of Heaven remains free, and considers this struggle against Veraunt to be a Holy War.


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