Saint Ernesto

The Revolutionary, Father of the New Dawn, The Morning Star
Greater God
Divine Symbol:
A Sunset with nine rays and a four-pointed star.
Portfolio: Liberty, Dawn, Freedom, Guerilla tactics
Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Nobility, Sun
Favored Weapon: Pistol

Ernesto was a Monk of the Ignasiet society, a scholar and researcher. An expiriment with black powder accidentally branded him with the Mark of Destiny upon his face. When the Archbishop of Uriel discovered this, he had him removed for ‘Investigation’ and imprisoned. Upon the Archbishops raising to Patriarch, he ordered Ernesto to be killed. Ernesto managed to engineer his escape, using the power of his mark to blow the lock on his cell. During the War against the Church, Ernesto was an impassioned public speaker, rising the populace against an organization that had turned its back on its founding principals. When the Patriarch was taken down, Ernesto was the one left behind to hold the remains.


Speak against ignorance. Act against injustice. Every person is entitled to the rights of Life, Liberty and Property. Free speech is protected as is the right for peaceful protest. Any government which supress these rights have no legitimacy before the New Church and may be resisted by the People. Saint Ernesto rises with those who rise against such an institution.


There are three branches of the Church of Ernesto. All wear red robes.

The Core priesthood of Ernesto are known as Advocates, and are charged to give voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

What was left of the Choir of Troubedors became the Criers of Ernesto, spreading news and information freely to the people. So long as the information they bring is truthful, the are answerable to no one. Regardless if they play any other instrument (or indeed play any instrument at all), all of the Criers carry a golden bugal with them as a symbol of their office.

The Divine Ascension resulted in a three-way schism within the Ignatian monks. About three eighths left to join the Theurgists of Albera, another three eights left for the Divine Machinists of Alberich, the quarter that remained became the true leadership of the Church of Ernesto. The remaining Ignatians use their knowledge and influence to create and smuggle weapons and armor to rebelions againgst unjust governments.

Saint Ernesto

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