Saint Isaac

The Silent Judge, The Supreme Magistrate, Lord of the Night, The All Seeing Eye, Ascendant of Uriel, The Green Haired God
Greater God
Divine Symbol:
An Open Eye within a black sunrise with nine rays.
Portfolio: Justice, Necessity, Night
Domains: Darkness, Law, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Kukri

Once a member of the Old Church’s Order of the Black Flame of Uriel, Isaac quickly came to distrust and his masters.


Justice is not blind. It sees all. Justice is not impartial, it disfavors the guilty. Justice is not kind. It is swift and merciless. The innocent have nothing to fear, but who among us is truly innocent? It is only by exposing the sins of others that we might truly be redeemed.

Clergy and Temples

There are five branches of the Church of Isaac:

  • The Concilium: Most populace branch of the church, the Concilium are effectively the lawyers of the realm. They are encouraged to study the law. While technically a part of the Church, most of the other branches consider them a necessary evil. Only the most zealous of them receive spells from Saint Isaac, although some do revere other Solar Saints and receive blessings from them.
  • The Justicarium: The second most populace, the Justiciars exist to enforce public order. They are mostly paladins, rather than priests, and are effectively the Church’s guard.
  • The Inquisition: Inquisitors fill the roll of detective and prosecutor in any case they choose to involve themselves in. They have consideral lateral freedom and answer only to the Magesterium. They are often called the Right Hand of Saint Isaac
  • The Magesterium: Magisters are the highest ranking members of the Church. Impartial judges, they act as judge, jury, and often executioner
  • The Executorium: Saint Isaac remembers his beginnings well, and the necessity of having an arm of the church capable of delivering justice to those who cannot be reached by other means. The Executors are that arm. They are the Left Hand to the Inquisitions Right. No one ever knows who is an Executor and who is not.

Saint Isaac

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