Saint Moira

Mother of Mercy, Mother Moira, The Raphaellan Ascendant
Greater Goddess
A pair of hands palms facing upward within a sunrise with nine rays.
Portfolio: Mercy, Compassion, Kindness, Charity, Healing
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Protection, Repose, Sun
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Prior to her Ascension, Moira was a nun in service to Raphael. When visited by an angel and bestowed with the Mark of Destiny, she left her convent to attempt to find her fate. She found it in the streets of Duven, amongst the poor, the sick and the suffering. Making use of her Clerical powers, she set about attempting to improve the lives of as many people as she could. As she rose in power she began to see that the suffering was not limited to her city and started traveling, making life more bearable for any she could. Tirelessly, she worked her way across the world, often stopping where sweeping changes and the ravishes of war had already visited.


The central tenant of Moira’s teachings is that of Mercy. Mercy is the act of aleviating suffering and pain, be it by healing, or, more rarely, by easing into death’s embrace. Those who follow Moira’s teachings are encouraged to be charitable, kind, and helpful to anyone who needs it.

Temples Priests

The Priests of Moira take vows of poverty, forswearing possessions and donating their savings to the poor and privated. Individual priests of her faith own nothing themselves, and the Church itself owns little, and allows its priests access to little themselves, with the exception of the tools it considers necessary to help the needy.

Temples of Moira are universally simple affairs, unadorned and humble. Her shrines within the Solar Cathedrals are often the least grand, but are usually the most visited.

There are several branches of the Church of Moira

  • Brothers and Sisters of Mercy: This organization exists to help the needy. They exist as a charitable organization. Their monasteries double as orphanages or shelters for the homeless. They merely ask that those who live with them live by the same rules they do for so long as they stay under their roof.
  • Knights Hospitaler: Paladins and Priests in Service to Moira, these are the finest healers in the realms, and often are medics on the battlefield, treating both sides equally.

Saint Moira

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