Surva is divided into two portions. The “Civilized” Northern half, and the “Wild” South, the resources of which the nations of Oestria and Northos have been competing over for two centuries.

The Elemental Califate of Al Gheib

A powerful theocracy venerating a singular Ascendant above all others, Al Gheib is the least changed of all nations since the Ascension.


An ancient empire that spans the subcontinent between Surva and Tchai’kenow. Continued to Worship the Old Gods in vain during the Fall.

Dark Surva

The jungles of Surva are a deep, impenetrable place rich in alchemical and magical ingredients, precious metals, and gemstones. It is in part for these resources that the “Civilized” Nations of West and North have begun carving up this portion of the continent.

The Badlands

The Savannah of the Southern part of the continent has been thoroughly twisted and tainted by horrible event that occured centuries ago.

Lying in the middle of this area, wedged in a valley between mountains is a great, cavernous pit that leads down and down and down without apparent end. Demons, Dragons, Monsters and worse will occasionally clime from its depths. Legends say that it leads to the other side of the world, an inhospitable place of lava-flows, swamps and rivers of poison. Over the ages, local druids have struggled to keep the darkness at bay, but the closer one gets to the Pit, the more tainted the land becomes.


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