The Consolidated Isles of Grand Prydain

Grand Prydain is a set of three islands set off the coast of Oestria, Aryland and Leivan on the largest, Ceryn and Auchtland. on the second and the much smaller Black Island off the northern coast.

While the name has changed there is little doubt that Aryland is the one in control. Through marriage alliances and despite protestation from the Church and the Druidic Circle, the line of Kings in Aryland have become the Kings of its neighboring four nations as well.

Government and Politics

Prydain is ruled by two Houses of Parliament: The House of Lords, lead by King Michael of House Grey, and the House of Guilds. The King’s power is technically filtered through that of the two Parliamentary Houses, however he still wields considerable sway and is considered commander and chief of the military.


Aryland boasts the most powerful active navy in the world, altough Avar’taesa might rival it were they to field their strength. Aryland’s navy prides itself for its effective projection of force, allowing it to extend its influence across Averal, from the jungles of Surva, to the Nissari ports. Arylish ships are swift, maneuverable and built for war. Their crews are drilled relentlessly with the use of the shipboard cannons, and they pride themselves for firing 3 barrages to any opponent’s 2.

Ground troops of the Arlysh military wear light blue sircoats designed to make them visible to their comerads in the clouds of gunpowder smoke. Roughly 80% of their army is infantry, with cavalry being a status symbol for officers.


Prydain is renown for its Alsforth Academy of Practical Magick, one of the few places in Averal that one can learn wizardry outside of a master-apprentice environment. Though it predates the ascension by centuries, it has effectively become the High Temple of Albera, who, of course, was Headmistress prior to her ascension.


The Bardic College of Ceryn was once without peer, although in the last two hundred years its fallen behind the times. While still turning out some of the finest world-travelers, musical magicians and loremasters, the musical tastes of the world have drifted to the Musical Conservatories of Edares, Roaka and Veraunt. Virtuosi have become the new bards, Songs and Dances replaced with Arias and Concertos.

List of Cities

The Consolidated Isles of Grand Prydain

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