Lord of the Black Castle, The Pale Lord, God of Tyrants, the Despot God
Greater God
Divine Symbol:
A Crowned Skull
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Tyrants, Conquerors, Despots.
Domains: Evil, Law, Nobility, War
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Once upon a time in a small town called Engleburg in the heart of Geisterland there lived a boy named Valdemar. That boy, would grow up to become a Paladin, and that paladin found himself damned to hell a mere moment before he died, his powers stripped from him for the slaying of an innocent. A year later, he returned from the grave as a patriarch Vampire, resurrected by the will of the Devil King Asmodeus.

Valdemar’s bloody history in Geisterland eventually pitted him in a hopeless war against the Tetrarch itself. Realizing he was outmatched, he marched his servants and family across the Wyrm’s Spine to carve out a small kingdom for himself between the Ryke and Ryl rivers, where he remained as the dread Lord until opportunity presented him with the ability to become a God, which he readily accepted, taking the mantle of God of Tyrants and Conquerors, He sits on his Throne of Skulls, grimly watching over those who would spread his message across the world.


Valdemar delivered the text of his faith in the form of three Parables and a Dissertation. The first Parable relates the story of his youth, and his fall from grace as a Paladin, and offers commentary on the hypocrisy of those who would term themselves to be “Good.” The Second speaks of his wars against the Vampire Queen Mircalla, and later the Tetrarch, as a castigation against the excesses of the ethics of Chaos. Finally, the tale of his Ascension to Godhood and his embrace of the spirit of conquest. The final chapter of his Cannon, the Dissertation, is perhaps the most interesting, for it lays the commandments of his religion.

The highest goal of Valdemar’s Church, it says, is to facilitate spreading the power and influence of Valdemar’s Church. Further, he argues, this is the goal of every religions institution, from the Church, to the Druidic Circle, because any who do not attempt to jealously spread their teachings quickly get swallowed by those that do. His is the only religion that is honest about this intent, however, and therefor the only free of the weight of hypocrisy.

Temples and Clergy

The Temples of Valdemar are often dramatic affairs, black cathedrals with baroque artwork and the skulls featured heavily in the archetecture. Every one of them features a large map of Averal, used as part of the Black Mass, indicated with their final amen, “Tonight we Pray. Tomorrow, we Conquer.”

The priests of Valdemar are always recognizable for their green cloak that they wear. Few, if any, hide their faith, preferring, instead, to either sway nations to their cause through the weight of their philosophical arguments, or to conquer them with the strength of their armies.


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