Character Creation

Edit, Fixing mistakes. I was half asleep when I did most of this. If anything looks weird, please let me know

Character Creation is identical to the books with a few notable exceptions that I will lay out here. Pathfinder’s rule of thumb is that it rewards you for doing something where regular d20 punishes you for not doing something. I hope that’ll make sense as you read this.

Ability Scores

As we’ve discussed, we’re using 1d6+12. Ridiculous, I know.


Everyone has theirs picked out, so meh. Just make sure you’ve actually looked at what Pathfinder says about your race. Its not the same as DnD.

Class and Favored Class

Read this, it is VITALLY IMPORTANT

Everyone’s taken their class but an important note: Pick a class to be your “Favored Class” from among your classes. Every level you take in this class grants you a bonus of ONE of the following:

  • One extra skill point per level
  • One extra hit point per level
  • One of the unique bonuses granted out of the APG

You can mix and match, doing an extra hit point one level, and an extra skill point the next, if you want.

You are not penalized for taking classes that are not your favored class.


Read this, it is VITALLY IMPORTANT

Taking skills works differently in Pathfinder.

Every level (including the first) you gain a number of skill points equal to your class skill points plus your intelligence .

Every class has class skills as per regular d20, however they work differently in Pathfinder. If you have any ranks at all in a class skill, you gain a +3 bonus to that skill as a reward for choosing a class skill.

“Cross Class” skills can be bought without the normal halving penalty, but they do not get the +3 bonus.

You may only have as many ranks in a skill equal to your level, instead of the normal level+3 bonus.

Yes I forgot about this rule when making my NPC’s. Yes I intend to fix it post haste.


You gain a feat every odd level.

Hit Points

As per normal, except if you chose to gain extra hit points from favored class (See “Favored Class” above)



Characters will begin with 124,000 gold worth of equiptment. Any of this gold you do not spend will be reclaimed. Your character will start with loose change equalling their classes starting gold.

For instance, if you are an alchemist and spend 120,000 on equiptment, you will not begin the game with 4,000 gold. Instead you will begin with 3d6x10. I realize this will likely end with you possessing a bunch of useless doodads but I like that. The economy will only support fencing so many magic items and in the course of your adventuring, and the local mom-and-pop antique dealer on the courner isn’t going to be able to afford to buy more than a couple thousand gold in equiptment.


Humans gain a number of languages equal to their intelligence score, plus a Regional Language and the Common Language of their continent. The languages in the book are options (with the exception of Undercommon), as are the ones listed shortly

Elves gain Elvish, a number of languages equal to their intelligence bonus selected from the ones listed in the book or from the languages listed shortly, and an additional two languages that must be either draconic, sylvan, or one of the planar languages.

  • Arylish (Prydain Regional)
  • Averraunti (Verraunt Regional)
  • Cerynese (If from Ceryn, may chose this as regional language rather than Arylish)
  • Dhurgan (Regional language for Dhurga)
  • Draconic (Is “Regional” language for the ruling class in Tchai’kenow)
  • Druski (Holy Empire Regional)
  • Dasfelan (Dasfeldt Regional)
  • Edaren (Edares Regional)
  • Ganholfstavi (Ganholf regional)
  • Gheivan (Al’Gheib Regional)
  • Low Celestial (Oestrian Common)
  • Low Draconic (Tchai’kenow Common)
  • Meridian (Regional, Meridia. Meridian characters chose their common language)
  • Merchanti (Survan Common)
  • Nisari (Nisaru Regional)
  • Qan (“Regional” language for the lower class in Tchai’kenow)
  • Roakan (Roaka Regional)
  • X!loc (Badlands Regional)
  • Tribescant (Vestish Tribe Regional)
  • Vestish (Northos Common, Rykeland Regional)
  • Xingwei (“Regional” language for the middle class in Tchai’kenow
  • Xuvi (Deep Survan Regional)

Character Creation

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