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“Real” Nations:

  • Al’Gheib: Once home to a mighty empire, now fallen. Al’Gheib has entered its second golden age, following the rise of Sulimain
  • Avar’taesa: Home of the High Elves, bastion of magical excess
  • Dasfeldt: One of Northos’ three Coastal Kingdoms. It has allied with Verraunt
  • Dhurga: Ancient civilization, lots of elephants, strict Caste system.
  • Free Edares: Remaining force devoted to the Royal Family of Edares. Losing territory fast and fighting a guerilla war against the Verraunt
  • Ganholf: One of Northos’ three Coastal Kingdoms. It is the poorest and the least politically active. Homeland of the Ascendant Alberich, they are unusual for the Coastal Kingdoms in that they follow that strange and enigmatic god.
  • Grand Prydain: Constitutional Monarchy with the most powerful navy in the world.
  • The Holy Empire of the Northern Rite: Theocratic empire of Druska.
  • Kavadal: A small archepelagio in Meridia ruled by a hereditary king. Has been successfully managing to hold off Al’Gheib for some time.
  • Nisaru: Ruled by a Shogun while their infant dragon emperor awaits his maturity, Nisaru is a fierce warrior culture. Currently at war with Tchai’kenow.
  • Roaka: One of Northos’ three Coastal Kingdoms, a centre for culture, especially Music. It is currently engaged in a war on two fronts against Dasfeldt and Verraunt.
  • New Tyrandir: Kingdom of Conflict. A nation risen on Meridian Pride in what was once the Borderlands. They held their own against Rykeland for hundres of years. So far, Verraunt has ignored them.
  • Tchi’kenow: Oldest nation in the world, in a war against Nisaru which, to their incredible chagrin, they are losing. Tchi’kenow is and has been ruled over by dragons since time immemorial. Since the Dragon War, however, they have been bound in Human form, only capable of showing their true nature for brief spurts, as dictated by their age and power.
  • Verraunti Empire: Also known as the Jaquian Empire, lead by military genius Jaque DuVall, an empire risen from the ashes of dethroned Monarchy.

Unclaimed Territories and other Oddities

  • Badlands: Southernmost Surva, twisted by Old Nick aeons ago. Not all of it is so bad, but its certainly got a reputation.
  • Vesterland: A stretch of land controlled by unaffiliated tribes. Grows increasingly smaller all the time.
  • Deep Surva: Impenitrable jungles and whispers of creatures unseen in this world since the age of man
  • Avar’sum: The boarder between the planes is thin here. Things sometimes slip through


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