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Unlike the cataclismic Fall of the Gods, the Ascension Wars did not tear civilization down around it. Averal has continued to advance in the two hundred years since the Garden was repopulated. The cultural and technological Rennaissance that had begun during the Ascension blossomed into an Age of Enlightened thought. Architecture has begun harkening back to the glorious days of Ravena and the Meridian Empire.

Player Information

Please read Character Creation. Even if you think you are done with your character, please make sure. There are some very important and subtle differences between Pathfinder and DnD and I’ve done my best to outline them here.

The Ascendant Gods

These once-mortals followed the pull of destiny to become Gods.

Religious Institutions:

In the time before the ascension the world became used to worshiping groups of beings through monolithic religious institutions, as the Church of the Archangels. Despite the rise of the Gods, this form of worship has persisted.

  • New Church of the Heavens: Formed of the remnants, of the Church of the Archangels, this church venerates the Four Solar Saints who once served the Will of the Old Church, Moira, Jean, Ernesto and Isaac.
  • Northern Rite: Worships a select group of deities they consider “specifically integral” to maintaining the Holy Forest of the Gods. Similar to the New Church, in that they follow the Four Solar Saints, but substitute Coirrana for Moira. They also Revere Tormung and Sylviel
  • The Ancient Druidic Circle: This organization worships nature in its four permutations: Coirrana, the Nurturing Mother, Sylviel, goddess of the Solemn Wood, Turag, Lord of the Wild Beasts, and Kasaran, the Predator, Hunter, Eventual Death of all things.
  • The Elemental Califate: Oldest existing religious organization is virtually unchanged since before the rise of the Gods. They still offer their prayers to the Elemental Lords, but now, honour Sulimain as the God Most High above even them.


Also see Nations
Herein listed the continents of the world


The Western world and setting of most of the action of most games.


The Sea of Adventure


Eastern part of the Great Continent


Northern part of the Great Continent


A mostly unexplored land of Deserts, Jungles and Savannah


The Homeland of the Elves


Creation of the World

The world, the greater planes, and all that exists in this world is made of Dragons. The early dragons were vast, multi-planar beings that are difficult to conceptualize. Their mighty descendants created the landmasses of the world, the seas, the sun.

Pre-mortal History: Rise of the Immortals

The Immortals were born from the blood of the early dragons. They helped shape the world, spreading out amongst the planes. A council of wise entities known as the Divine Order rose amongst them to govern and mediate the various different factions. At its head, was the oldest living entity: Nicarius.

Eventually, the Divine Order came upon a scale of the First Dragon, so rich with the power of creation that even to touch it would bestow enormous power on the bearer. Because of in-council politics, Nicarius was denied access to this artefact. Other members of the Order Rose to Godhood. Nicarius, angered and frustrated, signed a pact with an entity of the Void known as the Nameless and made war against his former allies. For his trouble, his physical form was destroyed and his mask was locked away in an eternal tomb in the Negative Energy Plane, and only accessible from the holy forest that surrounded the place where the Godstone was originally found.

Lost Eras

Much of history from before the Dragon Wars is lost. A legend here and there is all that remains of the time when the Gods were strong and ruled creation.

One important fact: There were six Warlock Kings who ruled the land that would one day become Aryland. In an attempt to become imortal, five of them summoned the Mask of Nicarius. One of them was consumed by it and became its new host. The other four were twisted into the composit entity known as the Tetrarch. The Tetrarch was used to twist the Holy Forest into the cursed Geistwood, creating a festering wound in through which the Divine Power of the Gods would slowly leak.

Dragon Wars

Nicarius instigated a war between the Dragons of the Easter Empire of Tchikenow and the Gods. It was a taxing enough battle that the damage he’d done to the Divine Fabric earlier was turned into a terminal spiral, dooming the Gods.

the Meridian Empire

The Meridian Empire solidified during the Dragon Wars. The several independant city-states in the island and coastal Nations surrounding the Meridian Sea united under a single banner and marched against the Darkstar to the east. They returned victorious, not quite knowing that their victory had doomed them all. Meridian culture was relatively homogenous before their unification, but the strength and constant presence of the Gods had been a unifying factor for them. As the Garden began to fall apart, they fell into chaos, eventually to be swallowed by Ravena


By the Time the Great Empire of Ravena, the light of the Gods were already flickering out. But Ravena built itself as the last bastion of the Gods, its furvent prayer fueling Garden a precious few extra centuries as it rose and fell in the West.

History Since the Fall

Kingdoms rise and fall.

The Ascension Wars

Ascension Wars

History since the Ascension.

In the East:

Tchikenow is the eternal Empire. The Red Dynsasty, reluctantly put in power by the Ascendants during their own battle against the Darkstar, has fought a constant war against the Iron Empire of Nisaru. However with the might of a God defending the island nation, a large portion of the landmass that was once Tchikenese is now Nisari.

In the North:

Geisterland and Druska have reformed into the Divine Theocracy of All the Gods and are slowly converting Vestish tribes to their way of thinking. In coastal Vesterland, the Kingdom of Roaka has become a major force, controling most of the coast. In the past hundred years, they’ve changed from a raiding state to a trading state, with a strong alliance with Aryland

In the West:

After the ascension of their master to God of Tyrany, Rykeland was the first to make a drastic change after the Ascension. Rykeland has managed three excursionary wars into Veraunt. The first was initially very successful, overrunning the entire nation and forcing the Prince into exile, but overran its supply train and was quickly beaten back. The second was less successful. The new Prince sent his entire conventional army against the Rykish war machine, harrying them and slowing them down. When the Rykish broke through finally, they were met with a newly assembled army of Musketeers, half trained but equipt with new black-powder weapons that made quick work of the heavy infantry and pyke-men that the Rykish favored.

Fifty years later, the Princes of Veraunt were overthrown in a bloody rebellion. The Green Priests saw an opportunity to attack during the chaos. A young brilliant commander by the name of Jaques DuVall rose through the ranks of the hastily assembled military and drove Rykland back, across the waters to the Dread Castle Ryke itself. He captured the castle by siege and cannonade, but it is said that he was injured in the battle. The Green Priests oversaw his revovery at swordpoint, the second in command having sworn they’d all be slain if he did not recover.

DuVall returned to L’Arsien at the head of a powerful army, with a green priest in tow. He quickly declared himself emperor and none dared oppose him. Since that time, he has begun a campaign of rapid expansion throughout the rest of the West. Aryland has violently opposed his campaigns the entire time.

Cultural Oddities

The modern world of Averal is more advanced than most fantasy settings. Here are some things to think about

  • Firearms are common in Averal.
  • Newspapers are in common circulation.
  • Boat is the fastest method of transportation, generally.

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